Bridgit recognised with Best Lending Innovation of the Year award

November 14, 2023

Bridgit has won the title of Best Lending Innovation at the Finder Innovation Awards 2023.


This comes hot on the heels of news that Bridgit was a finalist in Finder’s annual awards program, which recognises Australia's most forward-thinking businesses.


It’s also the second year in a row that Bridgit has been awarded Best Lending Innovation in the Finder Innovation Awards for its innovative bridging loans product.


Property expert and Finder Innovation Awards guest judge Michael Yardney said Bridgit “fills a gap the big banks and traditional lenders are not supporting”.


“This innovative product will be a boon for downsizers and right-sizers looking for the security of being able to buy their next property before selling their current home,” he said.


The property market in Australia has a big focus on traditional mortgage and refinancing options.


But these products can sometimes create barriers or other challenges for people who already have properties and want to downsize or change their lifestyles.


Bridging loans give people an opportunity to leverage their existing home or investment properties when they’re ready to make a move. There are not as many bridging loans on the market as there are traditional property loans and Bridgit is helping to change that.


With Bridgit’s Single Security Bridging Loan, you can apply online, get approval in just 24 hours and access your existing property’s equity to buy the next one.


This means you don’t need to wait to sell a property before buying. And because your property is used as security for Bridgit’s loan, it gives people with income from retirement or other sources more options.


Finder Innovation Awards judge and personal finance expert Richard Whitten said Bridgit’s loans have the potential to help people often overlooked by traditional lenders.


“This is a really impressive innovation that is targeted to a very specific customer base while solving a very big problem.”


The Finder Innovation Award 2023 for Best Lending Innovation recognises Bridgit’s fresh approach and commitment to educating Australians about bridging finance – which has made Bridgit the go-to option for its target customers and brokers.

Amy Bradney-George has been writing about personal finance for more than 14 years – including over 7 years as the senior writer for credit cards at Finder. She is also the editorial lead for Finder Green, covering sustainability across different industries.

Her work has appeared in publications including Money Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, Financy, ABC News Australia and Equity Magazine. Amy also has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Drama from Griffith University.

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