How Bridgit’s bridging loans are meeting the needs of brokers

December 7, 2022

Up until recently, Australian homeowners were being underserviced by big banks and traditional lenders. By extension, brokers have been left with few options when working with clients that don’t meet traditional lending requirements (or need access to short-term bridging finance). 

With a lack of specialised bridging loan products on the market, we knew the industry was overdue for disruption. 

At Bridgit, we’re proudly filling the gap in the market with a dependable bridging loan solution that meets the needs of Australian homeowners and the mortgage broking industry. Let’s run you through five key ways Bridgit is built with modern borrowers and brokers in mind. 

Specialised expertise in bridging finance 

Bridging loans tend to be more dynamic and complex than standard 30-year mortgages. At the same time, the manual approach taken by traditional lenders has made it difficult for them to make a profit from these types of short-term loans.

Essentially, bridging loans need specialised expertise to ensure borrowers are getting the best experience possible. 

At Bridgit, bridging finance is our thing. From day one, we set out to be Australia’s leading bridging loan experts and provide homeowners with access to the financing they need to buy their next property, without having to sell first. 

As bridging loan specialists, we’re able to provide brokers the insights and flexible loan options they need to help their clients succeed. No split focus means swifter, specialised support when you need it. 

Offering flexible, inclusive lending criteria

The need for bridging loans has never been greater. There are over 1.3 million Aussies who are self-employed and a further 3.9 million retirees in Australia. 

These Australians don’t fit the typical model of a ‘good borrower’ in the eyes of big banks. At Bridgit, we’re able to deliver inclusive, flexible bridging finance products that meet the needs of all Australians. 

We’re able to help our industry partners match their clients up with a bridging loan that helps them progress in life (regardless of whether they’re PAYG income earners or not). 

Access to our custom-built partner portal 

We want to give our partners everything they need to help their clients succeed, and building our own tech is a key part of that. 

Our custom-built partner portal helps brokers easily manage their client’s Bridgit loans in one place. Not only does this portal allow brokers to easily submit applications, manage deals and track the status of their client’s loans, but it gives them direct access to the most flexible bridging loan solution on the market. 

Within the broker portal, our industry partners can empower their clients with interactive tools (like our loan serviceability calculator) that allow them to run scenarios and make data-driven property decisions. 

Our digital-first approach gives our partners and their clients the answers they need when they need them. Backed by purpose-built tech, we enable brokers to scale their business and help more Australians access bridging finance than ever before. 

Tech-driven online application process

At Bridgit, we know that Australian homeowners don’t want to be held up by manual paperwork or slow verification processes. And neither do their brokers!

Through our broker portal, our partners are able to submit applications on behalf of their clients in just five minutes. With a convenient digital application process, brokers are able to get their clients moving faster. 

Take this example: we use innovative credit and risk modelling and complex data integrations to deliver tailored application flows that only ask relevant questions. Plus, our tech gets smarter over time (thanks to AI and machine learning), with built-in algorithms and loan calculators to access property valuations fast and efficiently. 

Fast bridging loan approval times for clients 

Best of all, we help brokers get their clients moving, fast. Our market-leading same-day approvals for bridging loans help homeowners to jump on the best property opportunities. 

Along with our purpose-built application workflows, we use biometric identity verification that helps to progress applications quickly and easily. 

Plus, by powering up our bridging finance specialists with best-in-class tech, we’re able to reduce the chance of human error, shrink approval timelines and work with our partners to deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

Ready to leverage Australia’s leading bridging loan product and help your clients succeed? Find out about Bridgit’s partner program and access our Product Kit.

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