Moment of the month - April 2022

May 16, 2022

Location: Chippendale, NSW

LVR: 39.1%

Loan Amount: $914K

Use of Funds: Downsizing

Scenario: The Aussie property market is always competitive, and the ability to apply and be approved for a property loan quickly can mean the difference between securing and missing out on your next dream home.

For Aussie homeowner Mark, this meant having same day approval from Bridgit so he could secure his property purchase with confidence and ease.

For Mark, securing a loan with Bridgit went a little like this:

Mark found a home he loved that was going to Auction in a couple of days time, he hadn't sold his home or organised a finance solution yet but didn't want to miss out on the opportunity for the perfect property. Mark reached out to us here at Bridgit prior to the Auction, and after reviewing his application quickly, we were able to provide Mark with same day pre-approval so he could go to the Auction and bid with confidence. The best news is, Mark managed to secure the property at Auction!

A few days later, Mark went through the final steps to confirm his loan with us six weeks prior to settlement.

Congratulations on your purchase Mark!

That's our Bridgit moment of April.

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