Who is Bridgit?

March 9, 2022

Bridgit, your new bridging loan specialist. Who are we?

Bridgit launched last year as a new non-bank lender specialising in bridging loans after we noticed a need in the market not being met by traditional lenders.

Our aim? To revolutionise bridging loans through state-of-the-art technology allowing Australians to purchase their next home quickly and with little fuss.

We saw the frustration customers felt when they could not get a bridging loan quickly despite owning a valuable property. Consequently, we have enjoyed early success helping Australians who previously struggled to get approvals from the big banks.

The company was founded by a mortgage broker and finance expert who saw an opportunity to offer Australians faster, better pricing on low risk finance using an advanced digital platform.

We keep everything online and aim to provide same-day approvals by using technology to speed up the application criteria and process loans in a matter of days.

As a fully regulated non-bank lender, we are committed to serving homeowners who want more flexibility to use the equity in their homes for the next stage of their lives.

Our proven business model is part of the `buy now pay later’ revolution taking place across the financial sector. With our version being ‘buy now sell later’.

Based in Australia, our team understands the property market, and is solely and fully committed to finding the best solution to your property needs. It’s all we do!

The Bridgit lending model is a little different to others in the market - we offer three months interest free with a set up cost from 1.65% of the loan amount. This gives customers more time to organise the property outcomes they want without the pressure of interest building up.

And it does not matter if you are self-employed, on a salary, a PAYG earner, or retired - we aim to help any kind of homeowner achieve their goals.

Buy on your terms - Bridgit. Made for today.

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