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24 hour approval

Progress quickly and buy with confidence. We will come back to you regarding an approval offer in under 24 hours.

No monthly repayments

Avoid the added stress of monthly fees. Repay your loan in one sum after the sale of your existing property.

Interest free period

Buy and sell on your terms. Our interest free period gives you time to sell your home to the perfect buyer.

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Short Term Property Loan

A short-term property loan can be taken out against property equity to fund the purchase of a residential or commercial property. It is a practical financial solution for people who need more time to prepare their homes for sale, such as doing the necessary paperwork or renovations. Because there are various short-term lenders in the market nowadays, choosing the right lender can be challenging. 

Trust Bridgit – a leading online short-term property loan company in Australia. We have helped many Australians upsize into their dream family home or downsize into a manageable home to enjoy their retirement. Our short-term property funding options are tailored to your unique loan scenario, helping you progress in life without stressing over buying and selling homes at the same time. 

There’s a lot to learn about short-term property finance, and we at Bridgit will happily walk you through it.

Bridging loan

Buy your next home before you have sold or settled with the Bridgit loan

Set up fee from 0.99%*

1 month interest free

Min $300K, max $3M

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Up to 6 months loan term

No monthly repayments

LVR up to 75%

From 8.69% p.a thereafter, 8.81% p.a comparison rate^

*If the property you are selling is located in a metropolitan postcode, has an exchanged contract of sale and will settle within 30 days of loan funded date.

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Trusted by customers who Bridgit

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21 Feb 2022

I had a great experience

Bridgit provided superb customer service with regular communication throughout the process. A much more personable and flexible experience.

- Giles

14 Feb 2022

We settled on time!

The team were exceptional in getting valuation, documentation etc completed and we settled for property on time!

- Neil

20 Jan 2021

Fast & Efficient

Bridgit were fast and efficient we would never of been able to buy our dream property without them. Would highly recommend them and the team.

- Kristen

22 Dec 2021

Great to deal with

They came back to us quickly with a decision, and we were able to move forward with confidence. I would use them again and will recommend them.

- Anthony

20 Dec 2021

Thank you Bridgit

Thank you all at Bridgit. The whole process was quick and efficient, completely the opposite from dealing with the bank.

- Frances

13 Dec 2021

Fast and efficient

Bridgit were fast and efficient we would never of been able to buy our dream property without them. Would highly recommend them and the team.

- Sharrane

02 Feb 2023

Definitely worth a try

If you're thinking about getting a bridging loan I'd recommend giving Bridgit a try. In my experience I found Bridgit to be way more efficient than the big banks. I received conditional approval within an hour of my application and unconditional approval within a week.

- Michael

23 Nov 2023

Definitely will be recommending team Bridgit again

Bridgit came to the rescue providing an approval less than 24hrs of submission and settlement booked within 24hrs of returned signed loan docs. With Bridgit's assistance and fast processing we were able to leave a positive experience with our high valued client.

- Irene

11 Nov 2023

Highly recommend

The team at Bridgit was so helpful in ensuring my clients could settle on their dream homes. Our situation was slightly complicated, but this never phased Bridgit, who offered us a solution no bank could.

- Oliver

20 Oct 2022

Worth a look before the banks

Bridgit absolutely came through for us - customer service was great. The whole team was up-to-date with our application making it easy to progress. I highly recommend Bridgit. Very reasonable fees and rates make them an option to be seriously considered over the big banks.

- Dana

24 Jun 2022

Professional, knowledgeable, unbelievably impeccable

I have never dealt with such a professional financial institution such as Bridgit in my years of buying houses. I encourage anyone looking for a bridging loan to utilise this unbelievable institution.

- Vikki

08 Apr 2022

A bridging loan that is easy!

A great new bridging loan facility that is market-leading and easy to set up, quick to provide approval and follow up customer service. If you are downsizing or moving, and need finance to make it happen efficiently and without the usual red take, then this is the lender for you.

- Paul

20 Dec 2021

Mortgage broker experience

I referred a client to Bridgit and was very happy with their service. They approved the application in 5hrs, which allowed them to bid with confidence at auction the following day.

- George

21 Feb 2022

I had a great experience

Very easy to apply - I had my conditional approval within hours of submitting my request. It was very clear what needed to be provided to get unconditional approval, and I knew when I inspected the property that if I needed to make an offer, I was well-placed to do so.

- Annette

23 Nov 2022

Highly recommend working with Bridgit

Working with Bridgit to obtain financing for a bridging loan was straightforward. The online interface guides you through the requirements, and their customer service team is very helpful. Any questions we had were answered promptly. They have found a niche in the bridging loan market.

- Marcus

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Quick and simple online application, with bank level security and encryption.


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Get approved within 24 hours and progress with confidence.


Unlock your property equity

Make the most of opportunities! Repay the loan once your existing home has sold.

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What is the best short term property financing loan?

Like other types of financing, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ short-term property loan that matches everyone’s definition. However, if you need funds to buy your dream home without selling your existing house immediately, then a bridging loan is a great option to consider. You can borrow against your property equity to pay for your existing mortgage, make the purchase of a new home, and even cover other expenses needed to move into your new home successfully.

You can borrow up to $3,000,000 at Bridgit (we may be able to go higher than this amount, but we will need to evaluate your application first). We adjust pricing and loan size according to your situation, meaning we can give you the best deal that is fair for you. We’ll offer you even better bridging finance rates if you have a low loan-to-value ratio (LVR), a strong credit history, and a high-quality asset.

How to get a short-term property loan?

To take out a short-term property loan, you typically need to visit your bank or lender to fill out their application forms in person. You would then have to come back multiple times to comply with the requirements and complete the necessary paperwork. Online lenders have made it much easier to get bridging property finance – you don’t even need to leave home as you can complete the process entirely online.

Bridgit uses its innovative technology to streamline the short-term borrowing process just for you. You can complete and submit your bridge finance application in under ten minutes and possibly get approval in 24 hours.

We’ll present you with a personalised loan offer – simply make a small deposit (from $900) to move forward with our offer, and we will do the valuation and verification processes. We will email you the documents, and you may sign them electronically for your utmost convenience. The funds will be released into your account once you have gone through the loan process, ready to be used for the purchase of your new home.

What is the shortest mortgage term I can get?

A short-term property loan typically has loan terms of less than a year. Some short-term money lenders offer terms as short as three months, and others can give you up to a full year to repay your loan. Your loan term depends on various factors, including your lender’s terms, credit score, loan size, and equity over your existing property. In addition, consider the bridging loan interest rate you may have to pay over your loan period on top of your principal loan amount and other bridging fees.

Bridgit offers loan terms of up to six months, meaning you have half a year to sell your home and pay back your loan – more than enough for most people to achieve a great property sale. What sets us apart from the competition is that we will give the first month of your loan term completely interest-free. If you pay back your loan within one month, then all your loan consists of is the loan amount and set-up fee.

We don’t charge early exit fees, so you are free to settle your loan as soon as you are ready. We don’t charge monthly payments either, so you can simply pay for your loan in full by the end of your loan term or after you have successfully sold your existing house. In case there is a remaining loan balance after selling your house – usually, in an upsizing scenario – we will partially discharge your loan. You can have it refinanced by another lender who offers a longer loan term.

Bridgit is proud to have a local Aussie-based crew ready at your disposal. If you have questions about our bridging home loan offers, schedule a call with our friendly team, and we will be happy to address your questions. You can also trust us to help you during your settlement process, which can be completed in as little a few days after your loan application has been successfully verified.

Complete your loan application now at Bridgit! We will offer you a short-term bridging loan that is hard to beat by others.

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